Alex Steele is a burgeoning artist known for her exuberant use of color, dynamic compositions, and refreshing aesthetic. Her paintings and murals are sought-after for homes and businesses looking for an eye-catching piece of art that will emanate a radical and organic energy. Alex understands that the space around you has an enormous impact on your well-being, and the impression she leaves behind with her art is original and exciting.


With an interdisciplinary background, Alex has invested in the evolving creative endeavor of ALEX STEELE STUDIO. With bold designs and a minimal aesthetic, her work spans across many mediums -- from textiles to murals and photography.

Based in Oakland, CA - ALEX STEELE STUDIO started in 2014 with the intention of creating art to wear in limited editions. Her eponymous line includes clothing, statement jewelry, and textiles for the home. A number of unique collaborations with other designers has contributed to the creative growth of ALEX STEELE STUDIO, and enriched the artist's connection to the community.

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